Cracked teeth

If the tooth is extremely sensitive to hot and cold antibiotics will not help.

If you have a hole or crack try to fill it with a temporary filling kit which you can get form supermarkets or pharmacies.

Please ring us as we are providing, our own patients, with a small kit we have put together.

You can also try and dab a sensitive formula toothpaste on the affected area.

Wisdom teeth

Pain from a wisdom tooth is normally an inflamed gum over the erupting tooth.

Clean the area gently but thoroughly.

If you have chlorhexidine mouth wash (e.g Corsodyl) use this twice daily. If not use a hot salty water mouthwash (1 level teaspoonful of salt into a cup of hot water from the kettle).

Use painkillers e.g. ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Have a soft diet.


Some oozing is normal after an extraction. 

If it is bleeding freely then sit down, bite hard on a gauze or clean hankie for 20 minutes.

Please call us on the emergency mobile number if we are not available at the practice.

07563 864283

Visit A&E if there is any delay in ringing you back

Lost crown

Clean the crown and remove any loose cement or debris.

Try and puchase a dental cement kit e.g. Recapit.

Do not use superglue or fixadent.

After cementing bite firmly to seat the crown back into position.

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